Features & Pricing

Plans Free Basic Pro
Flat Rate Pricing Yes Yes Yes
Pricing Amount 1 1 3
(Regular, Preferred & Overtime)
Chose Labor Rate No Yes Yes
Estimate No No Yes
Revenue Report No No Yes
Paperless Invoice Yes (Limit 10/Month) Yes (Unlimited) Yes (Unlimited)
5% Adjustment Pricing No No Yes
Add Multiple Repairs Invoice No No Yes
Add/Modify Repairs No No Yes
Logo Upload No Yes Yes
Google Calendar No No Yes
Total Price $0
$9.95 /Month
$19.95 /Month

Over 290 Built in Flat Rate Repairs & Replacements

Put in Your Hourly Rate and Prices Automatically Adjust

Can Adjust Final Pricing with Up /Down Buttons by 5% Increments

3 Repair Amounts Are Displayed: Regular, Overtime & Preferred

Easily Navigate Repair Lookup Using Categories & Subcategories to Find Specific Repair